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Stand-Alone Micro-Credentials (SAMC)
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What is a micro-credential programme, and how does it work?

Micro-credential programmes are typically accessed through online learning portal platforms. Defined as the digital confirmation of learning obtained from self-contained short courses, modules, or units, as well as academic programmes (credited subjects).

Micro-Credentials UMPSA


What are the advantages of a Micro-Credentials to an individual?

Micro-credentials will be recognised through credit transfer from an accredited programme (up to the maximum allowed under the Credit Transfer Guidelines for MOOCs) as well as APEL C up to 30 percent of the programme to be followed.
As a result, the provision of micro-credential programmes should be based on Outcome Based Education (OBE). The use of OBEs that include Student Learning Time (SLT) and assessments will help with the credit transfer component.

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