Global Classroom

Global Online Learning in an effort to develop and increase the accessibility, visibility and opportunity to learn in global perspective for both academician and students.

Global Classroom 2024

Collaborative learning between UMPSA and another international university that involved instructors and students from both parties for any learing activities.

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The diverse feature of information and communication technology enables UMPSA to develop suitable pedagogy-technology-learner mix with high added values.

Global Classroom is an active engaged partner program initiated by Centre of Instructional Resources & e-Learning (CIReL) UMPSA. The main target of the Global Classroom is to expand the matrix beyond the conventional physical classroom with integration of online learning platform, flip teaching, long distance education and simultaneous classroom.


Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for Global Classroom Session

1. Please fill in the (form A) below if you are interested in conducting Global Classroom in your lecture.

2. Submit full report for Global Classroom session (Form B) with approval by faculty to CIReL.
Criteria for Global Classroom Collaborations

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